Community Bible Study (CBS)

Community Bible Study (CBS)

9:45 - 11:30am  |  Great Room, Millbrook Campus

Community Bible Study (CBS) provides individual study, small group discussions, effective teaching and fellowship. From September through May, CBS offers morning classes for women and children. CBS is open to women of all ages and denominations. The study for 2017-2018 focuses on the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah highlights God's power, sovereignty, holiness, trustworthiness, and salvation. It provides historical background that illuminates what was happening in Isaiah's time, and it also speaks to current day situations and even beyond. Our study of Isaiah answers questions about life, human nature, and God.

We also get to rejoice in the exciting prophecies concerning the Messiah and find comfort in the prophet's words of encouragement about a glorious future. There are many beloved Bible verses that are found in the book of Isaiah and we are challenged and encouraged as we study this inspiring book together.

CBS combines individual study, encouraging discussion, effective teaching, and insightful commentary in a caring community where each member is supported.

Registration & Fees
To register for CBS, complete the attached forms below, and email or mail to Karen Charny.

Registration fees are $35 per adult / $10 for children.

Visit the CBS web site for more information.