Summer Mix Tape #CRFmixtape

Summer breezes, sunshine, sandy beaches or mountain streams. There’s something about summer that makes you want to drive a convertible with the top down, the wind blowing your hair and music blasting. This July, we have our own, “Summer Mix Tape” series as we study Psalms. The book of Psalms is one of the most widely read and treasured books in the Old Testament. Through this collection of poems, hymns, and prayers from multiple authors, we will experience an incredible expression of passion towards an amazing God.

Sermon Title Date Notes Listen Watch
Psalm 103 - by Connor Brantley,
Millbrook Campus High School Director


MP3 Video
Psalm 13 - by Daniel Cwiakala, Millbrook Campus Middle School Pastor 7/8/2018      -- MP3 Video
Psalm 104 - by Connor Brantley,
Millbrook Campus High School Director
7/15/2018      -- MP3 Video





During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events."