The Kingdom #CRFkingdom

The “Kingdom of God” is a central theme of the Scriptures and to the ministry of Jesus. In the Bible, there are multiple passages and parables that teach us what the Kingdom is and that we are part of God’s present, real and active Kingdom. Jesus tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God. But what exactly does that mean for us here on earth? Join us for an incredible sermon series that will not only enlighten us to what the Kingdom of God is, but how we can enjoy His Kingdom here and now.

Sermon Title Date Sermon
Listen Watch
The Kingdom Sower 2/04/2018 PDF PDF MP3 Video
WHEAT and the WEEDS 2/11/2018 PDF PDF MP3 Video
Small Beginnings 2/18/2018 PDF PDF MP3 Video
Priceless Treasure 2/25/2018 PDF PDF    

During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events".