Family Dynamics Workshop
For Everyone — Married or Single

Wednesday, September 20  |  6:30 - 8:00pm  |  Room 753  |  Free!  |  Register

Take part in our 2017 Family Dynamics Workshop series. Grow and be inspired by topics that will impact your family and life.

Nanette Kirsch

The Unbearable Secret: Sexual Abuse
By Nanette Kirsch

One in ten young people will be sexually abused by 18 and there are 60 million adult survivors in the U.S. today. Nanette Kirsch shares insights she gathered in researching and writing her new book, Denial: Abuse, Addiction, and a Life Derailed. In this workshop she will talk about why sexual abuse often leads to devastating, lifelong effects on victims including relational brokenness, substance abuse, sexual addictions and suicide, among others.

Come and learn how you can be part of bringing light to the darkness surrounding sexual abuse, whether you are a survivor, you love someone who is, or you simply care about the issue and its high societal cost. 

About the Presenter

Nanette Kirsch is a Christian, wife and mother of four children spanning middle school to college. She is a professional writer and marketer, and owner of Big Rock Marketing. Both her speaking and writing engagements are a journey to the heart of what is true, drawing from her own life experiences in service of others and the Lord.