Grow Your Group

Welcome Leader! Our hope is that these resources provide you and your group with the encouragement and training you'll need to grow deeper relationally and spiritually.

Resource Description
Small Group Leader Guide A simple guide to starting and leading your small group. This tool will give you the framework with which to form and lead your group while leaving room for you to use your unique leadership gifts to help your group take its next steps for Christ.
Small Group Game Plan This tool is designed to help you, the leader, plan and establish your group. By answering these simple questions you will develop the framework for a successful group launch.
Small Group Development Guide An incredibly valuable leadership tool, this downloadable and printable survey will help you as a leader assess the highest growth needs within your group. From selecting your curriculum to planning your group serve opportunities, this simple survey provides the tool you need to cultivate connection and growth.
Suggested Group Studies Whether your style is to use a book study or stream videos live for your group, we have some great curriculum tools available. From discipleship studies to managing your finances or cultivating a great marriage, these studies have been screened and selected to help you develop a life-giving, Christ-focused culture in your group.
CRF Academy A comprehensive study (and a great curriculum tool) organized by all major areas of life — spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, physical, professional, and financial. These 128 whiteboard-style video lessons led by Pastor Emeritus Chuck Milian are both foundational and informative.
Group Serve Opportunities Our Missions department is continually developing strategic partnerships within our communities to reach and transform the Triangle. Check out these "shovel-ready" opportunities for your group to serve and grow together.
Small Group FAQ's Realizing that not all leaders, groups and members are built the same, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, with answers, to help you in your leadership journey.
Childcare Suggestions Does your group have a need for a childcare component? Check out these great time-tested ideas for creating a family-friendly group culture.
Oneness Embraced A discussion guide on Tony Evans' Oneness Embraced: Reconciliation, The Kingdom and How We Are Stronger Together.