Concert & Potluck Dinner
For Senior Adults 55+

Saturday, April 8  |  6:00pm - 8:00pm  |  Room 751 & 753 

Come meet Randy Ward, also known as Gospel on Wheels, "The Man in the Wheelchair Singing For Jesus."

"I sing about the cross, blood, and resurrection. My ministry is unique in that I bring something for everyone. Some songs you will recognize as oldie but goodies and some have never been heard. Each one I feel has a message for that certain someone and I leave it in Gods hands to decide when and where. I am honored for allowing me to come to your church and uplift the name of Jesus in song & testimony." — Randy

Our theme is cowboy, so wear your boots, cowboy hat and western wear!

The potluck begins at 6:00pm, and Randy will sing at 7:00pm. We'll meet in room 751 for the potluck. We should finish by 8:00pm. We will have a special display, so bring your camera or cell phones.

Call or email Nikki Speer to register.