God Never Said That  #CRFgrow

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Ever had someone say something that sounded like it must have come out of God's Word? We love offering little nuggets of support or sympathy, but what if the advice just isn't true?

"God helps those who help themselves," or "God will not give you more than you can handle."

This series tackles common myths about God and how those misconceptions keep us from having a deeper relationship with Him.

Sermon Title Date Sermon
Listen Watch
It Doesn't Matter What You Believe 4/02/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
It Doesn't Matter What You Do 4/09/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
It's All Up to You 4/16/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
Vision Sunday 4/23/2017 -- -- MP3 Video
God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle 4/30/2017 PDF PDF    

During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events".