Rediscovering God
A 4-Part Devotional Journey, by Elder Denton Cormany

Your Concept of God Determines Everything About You

A.W. Tozer, in The Knowledge of the Holy, said, “What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.” Why? Why would he say that? Does our concept of God have anything to do with our values, our perspectives, or our relationships with one another? Where are we to find purpose, meaning, and a sense of accomplishment in our lives? As we look around us, did somebody make all this? Does somebody keep it going? Is somebody in charge? Or is it all random, luck and chance?

Our answer is not only determining our destiny, but our journey as well. Built into the fabric of every human being is the need to connect, to be heard, to matter, to make a difference.

Part 1 - Is God Knowable?

If we choose to live without an intimate personal relationship with God, we try to meet those needs through our own efforts, and by engaging the efforts of others. Because the result is never enough, we add to this a standard of performance, a set of rules, and a system of beliefs to try to make sense out of life. That too is never enough. God has put eternity in the hearts of every man, and there is this longing to connect to something or someone greater than ourselves. Pascal put it this way, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man that cannot be satisfied by any created thing, but only by God the creator made known through His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Mile 1 - Can We Really Know God?

Mile 2 - Prayer ... What is it? Why Pray?

Mile 3 - Relating to Someone Who Knows Everything

Mile 4 - What is in a Name?

Mile 5 - A Skeptic's Quest

Mile 6 - A Living Encounter with God

Mile 7 - Questioning God's Love

Mile 8 - The Pure in Heart Will See God

Mile 9 - God, I Want to Know You!

Mile 10 - Why Pray?

Mile 11 - God Among gods

Mile 12 - The Significance of Knowing God

Part 2 - God, The Father

What is a Christian? The richest answer I know is that a Christian is one who has God as his Father. Father is the Christian name for God. Everything takes on greater meaning when it is seen from fatherhood.

The Father marked out for Himself a vast family who would share His nature and eternal blessings. God as Father enables us to understand why He created man and all things necessary for His family.

"See what kind of love the Father has given to us that we should be called children of God; and so we are." -- I John 3:1 

The gift of sonship to God becomes ours, not through being born, but through being born again. Whet your appetite by reading Ephesians 1, John 17, Romans 8 as we sample over the next 12 weeks what it means to have God as our Father.

Knowing God as Father—what thoughts do the word “Father” bring to mind? Might it be something so significant that until we get it right, our lives are never complete?

Mile 1 - Our Father

Mile 2 - Abba Father

Mile 3 - A Father's Love

Mile 4 - A Father's Love Unrequited

Mile 5 - Our Father in Heaven

Mile 6 - Where Does Goodness Come From?

Mile 7 - Everywhere at Once

Mile 8 - Living in Light of Eternity

Mile 9 - Justice or Fairness?

Mile 10 - Being Chosen

Mile 11 - Worship

Mile 12 - Boundless Love

Part 3 - God, The Son

Knowing God as Son—why Son?

Jesus Christ was Son of God before time and space. He is God. His earthly life, His death, resurrection and continuing ministry in the lives of all believers is the essence of God’s plan for eternity. He became a human being as God, the Father, intended Him to be.

Consider these passages: John 1, John 10:10, I John 5:11-13, Colossians 1:13-22,27

Who is Jesus Christ to you? A myth, a mere man? Or the Son of God?

Your life on this earth and for all eternity is determined by your answer to this question.

Mile 1 - What Does Faith Have to Do with It?

Mile 2 - O Death Where is Your Victory?

Mile 3 - The Life

Mile 4 - Full of Grace and Truth

Mile 5 - More Than Conquerors

Mile 6 - What Is Truth?

Mile 7 - In The Fullness of Time

Mile 8 - What is Worthy of A King?

Mile 9 - The Good News of Peace

Mile 10 - Believe

Mile 11 - Brokenness

Mile 12 - Authority

Part 4 - God, The Holy Spirit

Knowing God as Holy Spirit—why Spirit?

God’s will is that all Christians be filled with the Holy Spirit, resulting in lives characterized by the fruit of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, with all the attributes of the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is God. He is the living, abiding, active presence of God, able and willing to enter human personality and change it.

Every thought and act that Jesus carried out while on this earth was done through the power of the Holy Spirit, and that is God’s plan for us as well. He is the Comforter, Helper, Teacher, Guide.

Read what Jesus said about Him in John 14-17, or what Paul says about Him in I Corinthians 1:9-14, 6:19-20, 12:1-13, Romans 8, and the list goes on.

Someone has said, “He who does not know God, the Holy Spirit does not know God at all.” He is God in His power with us—right now.

Mile 1 - A New Normal

Mile 2 - The Forgotten One

Mile 3 - Being Thankful in the Moment

Mile 4 - Boundless Love

Mile 5 - Endless Joy

Mile 6 - Perfect Peace

Mile 7 - Elusive Patience

Mile 8 - Faithfulness

Mile 9 - A Gentle Breeze

Mile 10 - My Refuge and Strength Always

Mile 11 - Design

Mile 12 - Be With Me