Living a Life That Matters
A 52-Week Devotional by Denton Cormany

These weekly devotions by Crossroads Fellowship Elder Denton Cormany will help you learn how to live a life that matters.

 Devotion Title
The Power of Vision
Week 1
Being Chosen
Week 2
Why Pray?
Week 3
Lambs Among Wolves
Week 4
The Kingdom of God is Near You
Week 5
God among gods
Week 6
God, I Want to Know You
Week 7
Abba, Father
Week 8
What is God Like?
Week 9
Why does God demand to be worshipped?
Week 10
The Significance of Knowing God
Week 11
The Adversary
Week 12
Where Do You Get Your Advice?
Week 13
The Source of Life
Week 14
The Reliability of the Bible
Week 15
Directions for Constructing A Life
Week 16
The Importance of Obeying God’s Word
Week 17
Revealed Truth
Week 18
The Choice
Week 19
A New Identity
Week 20
Saved by His Life
Week 21
Dying to Live
Week 22
Breathing Spiritually
Week 23
Empowered by His Love
Week 24
How do we win the war within?
Week 25
Freedom in Christ
Week 26
Putting On the Armor of God
Week 27
Relationship Trumps Activity
Week 28
Learning to Worship
Week 29
Pardoned or On Parole?
Week 30
Is Anyone Listening?
Week 31
Daily Devotion Time
Week 32
Finding Common Ground
Week 33
Open The Eyes of My Heart, Lord
Week 34
Who Is My Neighbor?
Week 35
A Sweet Aroma
Week 36
Becoming A Sower
Week 37
Learning to Ask Good Questions
Week 38
Salt and Light
Week 39
Come Help Change the World
Week 40
Taking Our Faith to the Streets!
Week 41
Living Out Our Purpose
Week 42
Engaging the World That Needs Changing
Week 43
Intercessory Evangelism
Week 44
Investing Our Lives in Others
Week 45
Finishing Well
Week 46
How God Shapes A Believer
Week 47
Setting Our Priorities by God's Agenda
Week 48
Set Free Spiritually and Emotionally
Week 49
The Real Thing: Christ in you, the hope of glory!
Week 50
Abundant Living
Week 51
Lessons to be Learned
Week 52