Crossroads Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
Decade of Destiny 2012-2022

Five Behaviors of Discipleship help orient us toward God. Every month we will highlight a different practice of these behaviors as an idea of what you may want to consider in your pursuit of God.

Are you ready to see God do great things?
Then join us on the journey as we...
Connect, Grow, Serve, Pray, & Give!


Our Mission:
Transform the Triangle & the World

  1. Why do we exist as a church?
    We exist to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who want to transform the Triangle and the world.
  2. What motivates us as a church?
    Our love for God gives us sensitivity to the lost, love for the found, & passion for our city.
  3. What do we do as a church?
    We lead, serve, pray, and organize so that people can experience salvation, sanctification, and mobilization.
  4. How will we succeed as a church?
    We will succeed to the degree that we help people connect, grow, serve, pray, and give.