Go Training — Go and Make Disciples
Led by Ryan Siegers

Wednesdays |  6:30 - 8:00pm  |  Worship Center  | Register

Before Jesus ascended into heaven he encouraged us to “Go and Make Disciples.”  The “Go Training” is designed to facilitate an experience and to invite you into a closer, more intimate, walk with Jesus.  To help you become a “disciple” and to train you to be able to help others in this process.  Our hope is to look with fresh eyes at Jesus’ ways of doing and being, and follow after these.  This will be a paradigm shift from old school discipleship, while at the same time building on familiar practices (the ways of Jesus), understanding there are no cookie cutter people.  Are you ready to join the journey?  Let’s Go!

Table groups are available for Women only, Men only, Couples/Mixed Gender, or existing Small Groups who wish to remain together.

The first Wednesday night of each month is a special Night of Worship.

Weekly Schedule:

6:30-6:45pm Worship
6:45-7:20pm Teaching from Pastor Ryan Siegers
7:20pm-8:00pm Table Group Discussion