Membership Class

Membership at Crossroads Fellowship is held on Sunday mornings within our Starting Point series of classes.  Starting Point is the fastest way to discover specific next steps to take in your own personal journey, including your relationship with God and others, your career, your life focus, your spiritual life, etc. It may lead you one small step in a new direction, or toward a major life-changing event. The four Sunday morning sessions are designed to help you experience what it looks like to connect to the church, to discover your purpose and then to make a difference with your life. Once you have completed all four sessions, you will develop a next step plan and be invited to join the church!

The four Starting Point sessions begin each month (on the first Sunday of the month) and continue throughout the year. The four sessions can be completed in any order, but ideally the fourth session should be last.  

Classes will be held at 10:00am in room 205 (Building Map). Register at the Welcome Center or email Roberta O'Connor.