On Mission  #CRFserve

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It is not an accident that you live where you live, work where you work, or attend the school you attend. God has invited you to join Him in His work in the very place where you are doing everyday life! He compels us to live life each day, On Mission, practically living out our identity in Christ in simple, loving, everyday ways for the good of our neighbors, co-workers, classmates and city. This series will encourage and equip us to reach our communities for His Name and His Glory.

Sermon Title Date Sermon
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In This City - by Connor Brantley, High School Director 6/04/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
Who? Not When 6/11/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
It Starts at Home - by Jon Henry, Small Groups & Men's Pastor 6/18/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
As the Church 6/25/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video

During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events".