Tailgating: All In  #CRFallin

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What does it mean to be "ALL IN" for Jesus? Does a life fully surrendered to God mean total commitment, sold out, no holds barred? How do you know that going "ALL IN" is truly worth it? It is actually impossible to overestimate God! He is ALL and He truly is "ALL IN" for us. So, if I'm "ALL IN" for Him, it should show up in the way I live. My priorities, focus, behaviors and actions should all show that I am living the way God has called me to live. Join us for the "ALL IN" sermon series, as we learn from the 7 Churches in Revelation who exhibited good qualities, but lacked a crucial piece to being "ALL IN". What is holding you back from being "ALL IN"?

Sermon Title Date Sermon
Listen Watch
Revelation  09/03/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Loveless Church  09/10/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Suffering Church  09/17/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video

The Compromising Church
- Anthony Thomas, Care & Discipleship Pastor

 09/24/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Tolerant Church 10/01/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Dead Church 10/08/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Faithful Church
- Doug Gamble, Missions Pastor
10/15/2017 PDF PDF MP3 Video
The Lukewarm Church 10/22/2017 PDF PDF    

During each sermon, access the sermon notes and Bible references using the YouVersion Bible app. Locate this series in the app by clicking "More" and then "Events".