Wednesday Night Life
Classes and Groups For All Ages

Our Wednesday Night Life Classes are designed to help our church body grow spiritually, practically, and grow ultimately into fully devoted disciples. There are high quality programs for all ages. This semester adults, high school, and middle school students are uniting on the first Wednesday of each month with a Night of Worship. The class listed below will meet on the other Wednesdays of the month.  We have ONE primary class that we are encouraging all adults to come to called the “Go Training.”  Come grow with us!

The “Go" Training (For All)  |  The Worship Center
Before Jesus ascended into heaven he encouraged us to Go and Make Disciples. The “Go” Training is designed to facilitate an experience and to invite you into a closer, more intimate, walk with Jesus.  To help you become a “disciple” and to train you to be able to help others in this process.  Our hope is to look with fresh eyes at Jesus’ ways of doing and being, and follow after his example. More...