Becoming a Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus Christ
(Understanding the Wheel)

We use the Wheel Graphic to help describe the kind of life that God desires for everyone:

  • A life of rich, interactive relationship with Him
  • A deep confidence in His love for us—pursuing, accepting, sustaining us
  • The qualities of an eternal life that begins NOW
  • Security and safety in His Kingdom despite difficult circumstances

In short, we become transformed and able to live the kind of life that Jesus did. We become Fully Devoted Followers of Christ—Mobilized to Change our World (Tire).

1. It Starts in the Center where we make two decisions (the Hub of the Wheel):

  • We decide to put Christ at the center of our life—trusting in his love for us
  • We decide to live our life as he would live our life—depending on his help

2. Then, as we do these things, God begins to work on our character, in often unseen ways. We aren't simply "making lists and checking them off" to be "good Christians." We are becoming more loving and patient, less angry and anxious--different people who are more like Christ! (the Spokes of the Rim):

Spiritually Mature Knowing and depending on God—HE is our audience of one
Intellectually Wise Able to discern how to choose "best" in each situation
Emotionally Healed Healed from our past, we are forgiven and forgiving
Relationally Healthy Secure in who we are in Christ—we love others as he loves us
Physically Balanced Mastering the resources of our bodies (time, abilities, priorities)
Professionally Skilled We see God as "our real boss" so we strive for excellence at work
Financially Free We reject materialism, eliminate debt and store up treasure in heaven
Click a link above to view a sermon on that topic by Pastor Emeritus Chuck Milian.

3. Over time, following the pattern of Jesus as it is revealed in the Bible, we choose to do five specific things we call the "Actions of Discipleship" (the Rim of the Wheel):

Connect The Bible compares the church to a body. Each part benefits every other part—mutually enriching the whole. We need to build friendships with each other!
Grow From the beginning of the Christian life, becoming like Christ is our goal. Learning more about God and his kingdom is key. We need to know God!
Serve God gives us gifts and abilities that are energized by his Spirit to help others. We have meaningful work to do with God which we are passionate about!
Pray Communication is key to good relationships. Prayer is conversation with God about what concerns us and others. We have unlimited access to God!
Give Because God provides for us, we grow to trust Him more and learn to live generously as we seek to live on 80%, save 10% and give 10% (tithing).

Christians aren't "just forgiven." We desire to live the rich, full lives for which we are created. The wheel is a model of that life which guides believers and invites all seeking God to "Come Roll with us!"