Community Bible Study (CBS)

Community Bible Study (CBS)

9:45 - 11:30am
Great Room, Millbrook Campus

Community Bible Study (CBS) provides individual study, small group discussions, effective teaching and fellowship. From September through May, CBS offers morning classes for women and children. CBS is open to women of all ages and denominations. The study for 2018-2019 focuses on the book of Matthew.

Matthew is the gospel with the most complete record of what Jesus taught, including the Sermon on the Mount. Written to his fellow Jews, Matthew's gospel proves, through Scripture, that Jesus' life and ministry fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. It also answers the question on the mind of many of Matthew's peers, "If Jesus is the King of the Jews, the where is God's promised kingdom?"

CBS combines individual study, encouraging discussion, effective teaching, and insightful commentary in a caring community where each member is supported.

Registration & Fees
To register for CBS, complete the attached forms below, and email or mail to Karen Charny.

Registration fees are $35 per adult / $10 for children.

Visit the CBS web site for more information.