IMPACT - How We Can Continue Making an Impact

1. Pay Off Wake Forest Campus Mortgage

Paying off the Wake Forest Campus mortgage would free up substantial resources which could be used for outreach and enhancing existing internal projects. The annual mortgage payment totals $408,000. Just think of the many ways we could use these funds to love the people in our zip codes! We need $2.7 million to pay off the Wake Forest Campus mortgage. Becoming mortgage-free would provide greater financial security, creating margin in operating budgets during these uncertain times.

2. Complete the Recreation and Activity Fields
We have a new field development project at the Millbrook Campus and a field enhancement project at the Wake Forest Campus. As soon as funds are available, we can begin construction. Not everyone is comfortable walking through the doors of a church at first, but they may be willing to attend a sporting event. Imagine how many lives in our community will be impacted through sports ministry and outdoor events!

3. Fund Future Campus Development

People want to be part of a church that is involved in their own community, so Crossroads is committed to going where people live! In 2010, Crossroads Fellowship made an impact in Northern Wake County when we began the Wake Forest Campus. Since then, there are thousands who have been touched in some way by that campus. Funding campus development will make it possible to move forward on potential initiatives like the Knightdale Campus, improvements to existing campuses, and allow us to quickly support unexpected ministry opportunities to fill a need in our communities.

All financial details are accurate as of August 31, 2020. *Please note: Gifts given to the IMPACT Initiative May 2017 - September 2020 have been designated. Gifts given to Impact Giving starting October 2020 will be used as described above. The timeline to begin field projects will be determined after payment of the Wake Forest Campus annual mortgage.