Updated (6/23/2020):

On-campus church resumed at the Millbrook and Wake Forest Campuses on Sunday, June 21!

Dear Crossroads Family,

Wow! I cannot stop praising God for this past Sunday’s on-campus services at Millbrook and Wake Forest. It was so great to worship together again in person. We heard many people comment that the atmosphere in the hallways and worship venues was friendly and welcoming and that the safety and social distancing measures in place were done well and with care. In Wake Forest, people enjoyed the freedom of worshipping in their vehicles and opportunity to bring the whole family to church.

We learned a few things during our first Sunday back and wanted to share some small adjustments for this coming Sunday. We are also providing general information for those considering attending this weekend for the first time.

-Senior Pastor Andy George

Choose your respective Campus tab below for details concerning reopening:

(The Crossroads Executive Management Team continues to monitor and evaluate our responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation with prayer and discernment. Our decisions are made in wisdom and care to do what is best for our church and people.)

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    Millbrook Campus
    Reopening Details

    Millbrook Campus Details

    • Services will be at 9am and 11am*. (*No 1pm service.) Each family-friendly service will last one hour. There is no child care, Kids Ministry, Student Ministry or SMC classes.
    • There is no need to RSVP.
    • We highly recommend that you wear a mask inside the building. Masks will be available at the entrance doors.
    • Please maintain appropriate social distancing when you are on campus.
    • Enter through the South or West entrances only. Staff members will direct you as you enter, exit and are seated.
    • All staff and volunteers undergo temperature screenings and are required to wear masks.
    • For an overview of safety precautions, see our Campus Safety Guide.


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    Wake Forest Campus
    Reopening Details

    Wake Forest Campus Details

    • Services will be at 9am and 11am.
    • Enter from the front entrance off Keith Store Road ONLY; the parking team will direct you to the back parking area.
    • The back entrance to the parking lot off of Old 98 is closed.
    • Tune-in to 90.3 FM for the service audio.
    • Text WFDrivein to 94090 for critical service information.
    • Portable toilets are located near the basketball court.
    • Inclement weather may cause cancellation of the drive-in services. In the event of bad weather, check our website/social media for notifications and join us for an online service.

    Do you have Preschool- 5th grade kids with you? Click HERE for all things Kids Ministry!  
    Do you have 6-12th grade students with you? Click HERE to connect with our Student Ministry!

    Are you new to Crossroads Fellowship? Click HERE to introduce yourself and let us know how we can serve you!

    Here are some Next Steps you can take:

    1. If you made a spiritual decision, we want to celebrate and pray with you! Text MyDecision to 94090.

    2. If you have prayer requests or would like someone to pray with you, you can submit them HERE or text CRFprayers to 94090. To be in touch with our prayer leaders and team, visit crossroads.org/prayer.

    3. For ways to give, text CRFNC to 77977 or give online at crossroads.org/give. You can also mail your tithe/giving to 2721 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27604 - Attn. Marc Brady.

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    What's your next step?

    Next Steps
    Here are a few simple next steps you can take on your journey of faith:

    1. Are you new around here? Welcome! Please fill out this connection form so we can get to know you. 

    2. If you made a spiritual decision, we want to celebrate and pray with you! Text MyDecision to 94090.

    3. If you have prayer requests or would like someone to pray with you, you can submit them HERE. To be in touch with our prayer leaders and team, visit crossroads.org/prayer.

    4. For ways to give, text CRFNC to 77977 or give online at crossroads.org/give. You can also mail your tithe/giving to 2721 E. Millbrook Road, Raleigh, NC 27604 - Attn. Marc Brady.

    5. Want to stay connected and engaged during this time? Check out crossroads.org/stay-connected for weekly Crossroads Network LIVE shows and Sunday services.

    6. If you are struggling with anxiety and distress surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we invite you to call the church offices and one of our pastors will be glad to talk and pray with you over the phone.

    Millbrook Campus Office: (919) 981-0222 (Main)
    Wake Forest Campus Office: (919) 570-5777

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    Stay Connected!
    Crossroads Fellowship Network LIVE

    Stay Connected!
    Crossroads Fellowship Network is LIVE! Stay connected with us all week.

    During this unusual time in our world, nation and local communities, we have the opportunity to get creative with how we stay connected. We invite you to join us online as we connect much like we would during a normal week -- just virtually! See below for opportunities to grow and engage with our staff and your Crossroads family:

    UPDATED (7/2/2020):

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    Missions Thrift Store
    Coronavirus Response

    The Missions Thrift Store will reopen for shopping and donations Thursday, May 14. Thrift Store staff will be be wearing wearing masks and gloves as well as disinfecting all shopping carts and counters.

    We request that all customers practice social distancing while shopping. We are so excited to see everyone again in the store! Please check back here or at the Missions Thrift Store Facebook page for more details and updates. 

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    Take Action & #loveyourzipcode

    Take Action & #loveyourzipcode!
    Crossroads is responding to the needs in our communities. Here are a few significant ways you can help love your zipcode and provide for your neighbors:

    1.  Compassion Connections – Help the homeless population!
    Many shelters have been forced to reduce capacity due to restrictions, leaving more people on the street.

    • Items Requested:
      Canned Food (Pop-top lids preferred)
      Hygiene Items
      Sleeping Bags
    • Drop-off instructions:
      Times - Monday, 1-3pm & Friday, 10am-12pm
      Contact Richard Fitzgerald at 919-351-9133 to schedule your drop off between the times listed above.
      Location - 1st Presbyterian CarePoint, 124 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC

    2. Christian Library International Prison Alliance - Review Bible studies and reply to letters from prisoners!

    As many prisons are on lockdown, prisoners are turning to God! Consider partnering with CLI Prison Alliance by donating Christian Literature/Bibles or replying to Bible studies and letters.

    3. Green Chair Project – Serve as a small group, class or individual by collecting bundles of new kitchen, bath, and dental hygiene items for families in need!

    • Contact: Community Engagement Coordinator, Liz McLean
    • Find instructions on what and how to collect for the essentials bundles by clicking the boxes below.

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    Pastoral Care + Support

    If you are struggling with anxiety and distress surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we invite you to call the church offices and one of our pastors will be glad to talk and pray with you over the phone.

    If you call after hours, please leave a message and our Pastor-on-call will call you back.

    Millbrook Campus Office: (919) 981-0222 (Main)
    Wake Forest Campus Office: (919) 570-5777

    *You can also submit your prayer requests on our Prayer page.

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    Student Ministry:
    COVID-19 Response

    Student Ministry COVID-19 Response

    Even though we are still living amid the impact of COVID-19, there are many ways you and your student can continue to connect with us in Student Ministry! We encourage you to take a moment to step into community whenever you feel anxious, stressed-out, overwhelmed, or when you don't know what to do. Together, we can find hope, friendship, and stability. 

    Check out crossroads.org/coronavirus for details on how our church as a whole is finding ways to stay engaged and in touch every day. As we deal with social distancing, school shutdowns and financial unknowns, it is more important than ever to remain connected. 

    Here are a few ways we are maintaining community for you and your student:

    1. THE CROSSROADS STUDENTS SHOW w/ Mark & Dan – LIVE YouTube show, NEW DAY - Sundays at 7pm; Watch/Subscribe HERE for every time we go live. Find past episodes archived here.
    2. We will be using our Parent Facebook Group to send out articles, ideas, and reminders along with using it as a resource place for parents over the next few weeks.
    3. NEW....We have created a Student Ministry Text service to help you and your students stay connected! To opt in....
           For PARENT updates - text SMP to 94090
           For STUDENT updates - text CRFSM to 94090
    4. Finally,  follow us here on Instagram to stay updated and connected!


    Summer Serve 2020 #loveyourzipcode opportunities!

    1. Raleigh Dream Center 2020 "Short Term Mission Trip"
      Raleigh Dream Center has been serving the community since the beginning of this pandemic distributing food and other materials to families and individuals in need. For more information about RDC and their ministry, click here.
    2. Durham Rescue Mission 2020 "Stuffed Animal Bandanna Project"
      The Durham Rescue Mission would like to serve the community by giving away a stuffed toy to customers at their Missions Stores. They would like to attach a home-made bandanna to the toys with a Scripture to show the love of God. Templates and materials are available for the bandanas. Please contact Linda Coble for more information. Bandannas are due July 14! (Video instructions)

    We are praying for each of you during this uncertain season in our world. If we each step into community, we can find our new normal during this time and be there to support, love, and pray for each other every day.

    Please let us know if you need anything.

    Student Pastors Dan Cwiakala and Mark Stroupe

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    Kids Team: COVID-19 Response
    For Crossroads Parents

    *Dear Parents, we have created a page that offers an extensive list of resources available for you to continue to have worship, Bible Study and discipleship at home with your kids. These resources are updated weekly.  You can find them at crossroads.org/parent-resources, or click the link below.


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    Actualización y respuesta del virus Corona

    El Equipo de Gestión Ejecutiva de Crossroads continúa monitoreando y evaluando nuestras respuestas a la situación del Coronavirus (COVID-19) con oración y discernimiento. Nuestras decisiones se toman con sabiduría y cuidado para hacer lo mejor para nuestra iglesia y nuestra gente.

    Actualizaciones (26/05/2020):

    Estoy seguro de que está pensando: "¿Cuándo va a reabrir Crossroads?" A pesar de que aún no tenemos una fecha establecida para reabrir, tenga en cuenta que nos estamos preparando para adaptarnos a la "nueva normalidad" y estamos considerando cómo cumplir con las restricciones o pautas cuando podamos reabrir nuestros campus. Queremos verte, pero nuestra prioridad es tu seguridad y servirte bien.

    Anhelamos adorar juntos y anticipar ansiosamente ese día. Sin embargo, en este tiempo de espera, es más importante que nunca mantenerse en contacto y conectado. No te pierdas estas oportunidades especiales:

    Comunión Drive-Thru, ESTE viernes, 29 de mayo, 6-8pm, en ambos campus.
    • ¡El Missions Thrift Store está abierta AHORA para compras y donaciones!
    Siga sintonizándose y participando en nuestros eventos en línea durante toda la semana. Continuaremos reuniéndonos en línea hasta nuevo aviso.

    • Servicio de adoración del domingo por la mañana a las 11 am a través de nuestra página de Facebook.

    Gracias por su generosidad y animo a continuar dando sus diezmos y ofrendas. Su donación fiel permite a Crossroads Fellowship mantener nuestros ministerios y también apoya a los socios del ministerio que están en el terreno sirviendo a niños y familias más afectados por las circunstancias actuales. Puede usar los siguientes métodos para dar:

    • Dar aquí en línea, crossroads.org/give
    • Texto para dar, texto CRFNC al 77977
    • Cheques por correo
    • Entrega de cheques en la oficina del campus de Millbrook, de lunes a viernes, de 8:30 a.m. a 5 p.m.

    Gracias nuevamente por toda su interacción, apoyo y aliento durante esta crisis de coronavirus. ¡Estamos muy orgullosos de cómo nuestra familia de la iglesia está resistiendo la tormenta y le agradecemos por ser una luz para las personas que lo rodean!

    "Doy gracias a mi Dios por cada recuerdo de ustedes, siempre orando con alegría por todos ustedes en cada una de mis oraciones ..." (Filipenses 1: 3-4)

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    2020 Bible Reading Plan

    2020 Bible Reading Plan

    This Week's Reading:

    • Monday, June 29 - Psalms 86-89
    • Tuesday, June 30 - Psalms 90-95
    • Wednesday, July 1 - Psalms 96-102
    • Thursday, July 2 - Psalms 103-105
    • Friday, July 3 - Psalms 106-107
    • Saturday, July 4 - Psalms 108-114
    • Sunday, July 5 - Psalms 115-118

    This plan goes straight through the Bible - from Genesis to Revelation. You will be supplied with reading for each day of the week as a steady guide toward finishing the entire Bible in one calendar year.

    You can also access the plan through the YouVersion Bible App. Here's how:

    1. Download the YouVersion BibleApp.
    2. Search "Canonical - Blue Letter Bible Daily Reading Plan."
    3. Follow the plan along with us!

    We also recommend printing the PDF to be able to cross through your daily readings as you complete them! You can also do this with your family, friends and neighbors. This is a great small group tool!