Fight #CRFfight

Are you fighting life’s battles? Think about how many different things seem to hit you in a day. There’s everything from work, to family, to personal life issues. Everything clamors for your attention; how can you possibly juggle it all? How can you decide what areas of life are absolutely worth fighting for and giving it your all? Don’t just survive another round, find out how to really thrive in life! This month at Crossroads we will identify the areas worth fighting for and explore ways to not just make it, but to succeed and finish strong.

Sermon Title Date Notes Listen Watch
Are You Fighting the Right Battles? 10/07/2018


MP3 Video
Fighting for God's Promises 10/14/2018 PDF MP3 Video

How Healthy is Your Heart? by Crossroads Elder Joe Humphries

10/21/2018   MP3 Video



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