There are so many outstanding books and web sites with devotional guides designed to help us grow deeper in our relationship with God, and we also have some excellent devotions here at Crossroads Fellowship.

If you are a new believer, or if you are not spending daily time with God, you might need some guidance on How to Have a Daily Quiet Time. Discover tips and ideas for being consistent and using your time effectively.

Devotional e-Book From Crossroads Fellowship

Growth - 31 Devotions by Crossroads Fellowship Staff
10-15 Minutes Each Day For 31 Days
Enjoy a variety of devotional topics compiled by our senior staff at Crossroads Fellowship. Meditate on scripture and insightful commentary, and apply it to your life as you reflect and respond to God's Word.


Online Devotions From Crossroads Fellowship

"Walking With God" - Understanding the Basics
5 Minutes Each Day For 30 Days
Pastor Emeritus Chuck Milian has prepared this guide for new believers as you begin your journey. This online resource is a 30-Day Devotional Study, and we encourage anyone seeking a new start to commit to a few minutes every day for the next 30 days!

"Living a Life That Matters" - How to Live a Luke 10 Lifestyle
10-15 Minutes Each Week For 52 Weeks (Audio-Based)
One of our elders, Denton Cormany, offers this weekly audio-based devotional study. This 52-week study focuses on living life based on the teachings of Jesus in Luke chapter 10. Each devotion is 10-15 minutes and includes a page of notes that you can download and follow along.

"Rediscovering God" - 4 Part Devotional Series
10-15 Minutes Each, For Daily or Weekly Study A devotional study called "Rediscovering God" by Elder Denton Cormany. Your concept of God determines everything about you. This series explores whether God can be "knowable" to us, then focuses on each person of the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Each of the four parts contains 12 devotions, and each devotion is 10-15 minutes.