Financial Freedom Ministry

The Financial Freedom Ministry provides classes, workshops, resources and budget coaching to help people realize financial freedom by getting out of debt, establishing a budget and learning about God's view of money. Crossroads Fellowship partners with Financial Peace University, a national ministry to help people achieve financial freedom. Check it out at

Financial Freedom Workshops

We offer several individual workshops to help you focus on one of a variety of financial topics. Classes are taught by a financial expert and are two hours or less. Some workshops are free, while others have a small fee. Workshops also include a variety of retirement and Social Security topics as well.

Financial Mentoring

Trained counselors help people and families evaluate their assets, liabilities, income and expenses. With this information, they are assisted in developing a spending plan to effectively allocate income, faithfully tithe, pay bills in a timely manner, eliminate debt, increase savings and create surpluses for God's kingdom. The resulting peace and growing contentment enable counselees to connect more intimately with God, family, others and the world.

There are two ways to get connected with a Financial Mentor. Fill out the Financial Snapshot form, save it, and then e-mail it to OR you can complete a Mentor Request Form at our Financial Freedom Ministry table in the Grand Hallway.

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    The Payday Game
    Saturday, March 30

    The Payday Game
    Saturday, March 30
    9am - 12pm  |  North Lobby, Millbrook Campus
    For High School Students

    Congratulations! You just got your first paycheck and you are on your way to financial freedom. It feels great to have money, but how can you make sure you don’t blow it all? You may desperately want a car and a new one at the local dealership will only cost $250 a month. Should you buy it now or wait until you save enough money to buy a boring, used car? How can you tell which decision is the right one?

    We can help you! Join us for The Payday Game on Saturday, March 30, 9am-12pm at the Millbrook Campus and take part in this interactive reality game of Life. During The Payday Game, you will be transformed into a young adult with a job and financial responsibilities to manage. Have fun exploring options and making choices about paying for housing, transportation, and other monthly expenses. (Think the old elementary school computer game Oregon Trail meets life-as-a-young-adult.) Will you be driving a Lexus? Or eating Ramen noodles for life?

    While you are comparing outcomes and laughing with your friends over the scenarios, you’ll be learning about the effect debt has on your lifestyle, the importance of saving and planning for the future.