Grow Your Group

Welcome Leader! Our hope is that these resources provide you and your group with the encouragement and training you'll need to grow deeper relationally and spiritually.

Description Resource
Small Group Leader Guide A guide to start and lead your small group. 
Small Group Game Plan This tool designed to help you plan and establish your group. 
Small Group Development Guide Leadership tool to assess growth needs within your group
Suggested Group Studies Screened & selected curriculum tools and study guides
CRF Academy A comprehensive study organized by all major areas of life.
Group Serve Opportunities Opportunities for your group to serve and grow together.
Small Group FAQs Most frequently asked questions, with answers, to help you in your leadership journey.
Childcare Suggestions  Time-tested ideas for creating a family-friendly group culture.

Oneness Embraced- Facilitator

Oneness Embraced- Participant

A discussion guide on Tony Evans' Oneness Embraced: Reconciliation, The Kingdom and How We Are Stronger Together.