THIS Sunday at the Millbrook Campus:

  • Sunday Worship Services continue at 9am and 11am.
  • There is no need to RSVP for Worship Service. However, RSVP is required for Students and Kids.
  • We highly recommend that you wear a mask inside the building. Masks will be available at the entrance doors.
  • Please maintain appropriate social distancing when you are on campus.
  • Enter through the South or West entrances only. Staff members will direct you as you enter, exit and are seated.
  • All staff and volunteers undergo temperature screenings and are required to wear masks.
  • For an overview of safety precautions, see our Campus Safety Guide.

Wondering what an in-person service is currently like? Average Worship Center attendance is about 124 at 9am; around 142 at 11am. We continue to focus on distancing and safety practices. Although it may feel different, many have said that the atmostmophere is friendly, welcoming and allows you to feel connected with others.

Student Ministry:

  • Students will meet at 11am ONLY.
  • RSVP for Student ministry is required each week. 

    *Due to limited seating, students must RSVP to attend each week. 

  • Check in is required. Students will be assisted with check in when they enter the room.
  • Students must enter through the Great Room main hallway entrance; all side entrances will be closed.
  • Students will be seated 3 seats apart during large group.
  • We highly recommend that your student wear a mask inside the service.

Kids Ministry: 

  • Nursery and Preschool classes are now open during both services. (Ages 6 weeks - 5 years)
  • RSVP for Kids Ministry classes is required each week.

  • Kids Ministry families should enter through the West Entrance.
  • All children and volunteers will have a temperature check screening upon arrival near the West Entrance.
  • Children's areas and toys will receive a thorough cleaning and sanitization before and after each service.

Additional Millbrook Kids Staggered Re-Opening Dates:

  • Sunday, September 27
    • Elementary opens

Additional Ministry Updates for this Fall:
Awana will not be meeting this Fall.
Hispanic Worship Service is meeting at the Millbrook Campus at 11am. Details at
Sunday Morning Connect Classes - limited number available. Check out for details.
Wednesday Night Life Classes will be held virtually through the Fall. Check out for details.