Oneness Embraced

Oneness Embraced
We serve our fellowship and community through the following: 1. Education of biblical, historical and cultural insights about race, ethnicity and reconciliation. Our class, resources and Facebook page are all venues where you can learn. 2. Dialogue between members; safe but transparent dialogue that wrestles Biblical principles with practical and historical implication and applies them to our personal, family, church and national histories. 3. Healing/Transformation for individuals, families and churches along with extending into our community when possible. The pain and stain of racism in our country and its institutions, including church institutions, begins to change with accepting the reality of what has existed and how God’s people, when working together, work to see it eradicated.

Missions Bible Fellowship- Oneness Class (For All)
9:15 - 10:30am
Rm 753  |  Led by Tony Jones
Through many curriculums, we seek to cultivate the character of all members to be confidently equipped to reflect God’s view of the ministry of racial reconciliation and social justice.  Authentic relationships embrace and celebrate our fellowship and community, racial, socio-economic and cultural histories. This is a safe space for being honest about your own issues, learning from others, conversation and biblical principles practiced to helpful us reflect true Christlike Oneness. All are welcome!

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Oneness & Unity Conversations with Pastor Andy and Dr. Tony Jones: