Global Missions

Crossroads is committed to reaching the world with the love and good news of Jesus Christ. We prayerfully and financially support missionaries around the globe, and we partner with various global ministries who are uniquely positioned to reach people for Christ who we otherwise could not.  

How Can You Get Involved?

There are two very practical ways that you can become a part of global missions:

1. "Adopt" a Global Missionary Who Crossroads Supports. Read through the brief bios of each missionary and choose one (or more!) that God connects with your heart. Pray that God will lead you to a specific missionary. Then commit to supporting them in regular prayer, and if possible financially as well. Our missionaries would be so encouraged to hear from you and know that you are supporting them.

2. Join a Short-Term Mission Team. Crossroads has several short-term mission trips each year in the U.S. and abroad. If you feel God's calling to "go and make disciples of all nations", consider a short-term mission trip (usually 5-10 days). You will demonstrate God's love as you meet the physical needs of others, and then tell of His love as you share the gospel of Jesus Christ. A great way to get the process started is to come to one of our Team Sharing Nights, where a current team will share how God used their recent trip to touch the lives of others in amazing ways!

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    Short-Term Missions Trips

    Each year Crossroads sends short-term missionaries throughout the U.S. and around the world. Check out the trips below and see if this is your year to join a short-term missions group or team!

    Can't go this year? You can still be a part of the ministry through prayer, financial contribution or by donating, shopping or volunteering at our Missions Thrift Store. Proceeds benefit our short-term teams. And please follow us on Facebook!

    Short-Term Team Sharing Nights

    Are you thinking of joining a short-term team and wondering what you're signing up for? Team Sharing Nights are a great opportunity to hear first-hand from team members about their recent experiences. Check your weekly bulletin just after each global trip for Sharing Night dates and locations.

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    Global & Local Missionaries

    The vision of Crossroads Fellowship is to transform the Triangle and the World. Click on any of the links below to learn more about how our local and global missionaries are doing that and how you can support them!

    Local Missionary (click name for bio)

    Ministry Organization


    Ministry Organization
    Mercy Ships
    Trans World Radio
    Global Training Network
    D.O.O.R International
    Wycliffe Associates
    Women of Hope Center


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    Ginny Bradshaw - Community Chaplain

    Ginny serves as a local missionary to small businesses and neighbors in the area surrounding Crossroads Fellowship's Millbrook campus by providing practical, emotional, and spiritual support through encouragement and prayer.

    In her words, "Each day I get to be God's hands and feet in our community." During her visits, Ginny shares information about Crossroads, asks for prayer requests, and serves as a liaison to support and encourage our neighbors.

    She is supported by Crossroads members and others in the community.

    How you can support Ginny:

    • Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in Ginny's life and this ministry
    • Email an encouraging note about how the ministry has blessed you
    • Participate on her support team through prayer
    • Share about Ginny's ministry with others
    • Make a one-time donation, or become a regular supporter:
      1. Give Online — Under 'FUND' select Chaplain MB Community
      2. Give by Check — Make a tax deductible check to "Crossroads Fellowship" with "MB Community Chaplain" in the memo

    About Ginny

    Ginny has been a member at Crossroads Fellowship since 1990 and has been involved in many aspects of ministry. She loves to be involved in community events, spend time with family and friends, and enjoys going to the beach.

    Ginny lives and ministers through Romans 12:15 — "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep."


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    Jose Reyna - Puebla, Mexico

    Jose Reyna accepted the Lord in 1991 and was discipled by ‘Jerusalem Church’ in Merida, Venezuela. Jose and Enma were married on October 4, 1992. In 1994, ‘Christian Outreach International’ (COI) selected Jose as their missionary in Merida. Jose and Enma's family grew with the birth of their daughter, Saray in 1995, son, Josue in 1997 and daughter, Rebekah in 2000. Jose began theological studies in Europe with his family in 2001, returning to Merida in early 2002. That year, ‘Jerusalem Church’ appointed Jose as their youth pastor. Political unrest in Venezuela made it highly dangerous to stay in that country. So, in 2003 the family moved to COI’s missionary base in Chihuahua, Mexico. In 2012 they relocated to Puebla, which is their present home.

    The Reyna’s relationship with Crossroads Fellowship in 1996, when a Young Adults group took their first COI trip. During Jose’s missionary Journey, he has Hosted more than 600 Short-Term Teams to 10 different countries. His Teams have assisted in construction of churches, orphanages, and soup kitchens. He has also hosted medical teams and conducted conferences for pastors and church leaders. Jose served as Vice President of the Evangelical Council of Merida, from 1998 to 2002 and served in the missions Department of ‘Friendship Christian Church’ (Chihuahua) 2011 to 2012.

    Today, Jose’ continues to host Short-Term Teams while serving in Leadership of ‘El Puente’ Church in Puebla. As God has continued to develop Jose’ and direct his spiritual journey, it's become obvious to his local church, that Jose' is gifted for the ministry of discipleship, counseling and assimilation. He's presently serving this way in his church, but even more importantly for Crossroads Fellowship, he provides a lot of discipleship and counseling for the pastors and ministry leaders with whom Crossroads partners in Latin America.

    From a Long-Term perspective, Crossroads sees 'El Puente' as being a 'resource' distribution hub in Puebla. The resources being, sound theological education, infrastructure development (physical facilities, technologies, methods) though Short-Term Teams and individuals, etc.

    Phone: 011-521-222-193-6224
    Make Checks payable to:
    124 Project
    2613 Penfold Lane
    Wake Forest, NC, 27587
    The Reyna’s Account number # 001

    Donate Online HERE.





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    Pat Teague - Community Chaplain

    Pat Teague is a Community Sports Chaplain to private and public schools, including local universities, where our students attend. Pat reaches out to athletic directors, coaches, and students.

    The sports programs within our school systems have suffered recent budget cuts. As a result, sports leaders for these students are discouraged. One of the goals in his ministry is to be a blessing to the leaders and students (Luke 10).

    The two areas where students express their life message are through the arts and sports. In the arena of sports, students can express their values, goals, and dreams. If we can reach athletes where they live, they can genuinely connect with Jesus.

    Pat is excited about his partnership with Crossroads and serving in the mission field of sports and schools. Together we are building the Kingdom of God to impact our community and the world. Could God be calling you to join us as we reach our city for Jesus?

    How you can support Pat:

    • Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in Pat's life and this ministry
    • Email an encouraging note about how the ministry has blessed you
    • Participate on his support team through prayer
    • Share about Pat's ministry with others
    • Make a one-time donation, or become a regular supporter:
      1. Give Online — Under 'FUND' select Chaplain SMO
      2. Give by Check — Make a check to "Crossroads Fellowship"
        with "Chaplain SMO" in the memo

    About Pat

    Pat is a member of Crossroads Fellowship and an ordained minister, having served at a local church here in Raleigh for 13 years. He is happily married to Sheila and has three wonderful children. Pat played football with NC State and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he has been a speaker for over 25 years with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.