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    Student Ministry:
    COVID-19 Response

    Student Ministry COVID-19 Response

    Even though we are still living amid the impact of COVID-19, there are many ways you and your student can continue to connect with us in Student Ministry! We encourage you to take a moment to step into community whenever you feel anxious, stressed-out, overwhelmed, or when you don't know what to do. Together, we can find hope, friendship, and stability. 

    Check out crossroads.org/coronavirus for details on how our church as a whole is finding ways to stay engaged and in touch every day. As we deal with social distancing, school shutdowns and financial unknowns, it is more important than ever to remain connected. 

    Here are a few ways we are maintaining community for you and your student:

    1. THE CROSSROADS STUDENTS SHOW w/ Mark & Dan – LIVE YouTube show, NEW DAY - Sundays at 7pm; Watch/Subscribe HERE for every time we go live. Find past episodes archived here.
    2. We will be using our Parent Facebook Group to send out articles, ideas, and reminders along with using it as a resource place for parents over the next few weeks.
    3. NEW....We have created a Student Ministry Text service to help you and your students stay connected! To opt in....
           For PARENT updates - text SMP to 94090
           For STUDENT updates - text CRFSM to 94090
    4. Finally,  follow us here on Instagram to stay updated and connected!


    Summer Serve 2020 #loveyourzipcode opportunities!

    1. Raleigh Dream Center 2020 "Short Term Mission Trip"
      Raleigh Dream Center has been serving the community since the beginning of this pandemic distributing food and other materials to families and individuals in need. For more information about RDC and their ministry, click here.
    2. Durham Rescue Mission 2020 "Stuffed Animal Bandanna Project"
      The Durham Rescue Mission would like to serve the community by giving away a stuffed toy to customers at their Missions Stores. They would like to attach a home-made bandanna to the toys with a Scripture to show the love of God. Templates and materials are available for the bandanas. Please contact Linda Coble for more information. Bandannas are due July 14! (Video instructions)

    We are praying for each of you during this uncertain season in our world. If we each step into community, we can find our new normal during this time and be there to support, love, and pray for each other every day.

    Please let us know if you need anything.

    Student Pastors Dan Cwiakala and Mark Stroupe

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    MB Middle and High School Hangouts

    Upcoming Middle and High School Hangouts

    Check back for upcoming events!

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    WF High School Hangouts

    Upcoming High School Hangouts

    *Postponed! Check back for details soon!


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    WF Middle School Hangouts

    Upcoming Middle School Hangouts

    *Postponed! Check back for details soon!