What is Worship like at Crossroads?

We seek to create environments that encourage and inspire people to engage with God through music and the Word. When we engage in these ways, it allows God to shape us into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Millbrook Campus Venues:

Worship Center
In the Worship Center, you will experience fervent praise music often characterized by a driving beat. Services include songs from contemporary, rock, gospel, and alternative genres that reflect our multi-generational and multi-cultural fellowship.

The Chapel
Our classic chapel venue offers live worship music with a blend of traditional hymns, choruses and current songs. Worshipers will regularly experience a choir, bluegrass, folk or gospel music selections.

Wake Forest Venue:

Worship Center
Experience upbeat music with a strong emphasis on praise & fervent worship. Services include songs from contemporary and alternative genres that reflect the congregation at the Wake Forest Campus.

For more information about worship or our other creative arts teams, select from the image links on the below or email Tyler Hairston.