Go and Make Disciples. 

Crossroads is committed to the Great Commission as commanded in Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus commands us to go to all people and make disciples. We are ever more aware of this as more and more people from around the world come to the Triangle area and our numerous local partners work with people from all over the world.

We also recognize that there are many in other places who have not heard of Jesus. Crossroads sends out missions teams, short-term and long-term around the world. We believe that there is tremendous opportunity for transformational growth, personally and in other’s lives when you participate in missions. Consider participating on a domestic or international missions trip with us or with our partners.

You can be a part of missions by going, prayer, financial contribution and by donating, shopping or volunteering at our Missions Thrift Store. Proceeds benefit our short-term teams. 

International Trips

We partner with a number of International Missions organizations and groups that send teams all around the world. Opportunities to serve internationally through VBS, Youth Retreats, Evangelism, and more.
Are you going on a missions trip this year? Let us know and we would love to join you in prayer!

To give towards missions or for more information, contact our Missions Pastor, John Frye IV, for more information.

Domestic Trips

We seek to transform the Triangle by loving our zipcodes. Opportunities to serve in the Triangle and across the U.S. through Disaster Relief, Building Repair Projects, Evangelism and more.
More Domestic U.S. opportunities to come! Please contact our Missions Pastor, John Frye IV, with any questions or concerns.

Scholarship Opportunities

Through our Missions Thrift Store and donors, we are excited to offer some scholarship opportunities for active Crossroads members who are going on a missions trip. We have multiple ways that we can assist you and members of Crossroads can apply for financial scholarship.

Anyone 14 years old and up may become a member at Crossroads. For church membership questions,  please contact Ken Hester. Please contact our Missions Pastor, John Frye IV, with any questions.