Our Story

How it all started...

Crossroads Fellowship's story begin in August 1987 when our founding pastor sensed the Lord's leading to begin a new church -thoroughly Biblical, but clearly contemporary in style and dedicated to reaching those who do not normally attend church.
Our very first service was held in June 1988 at Athens Drive High School. From there we moved to a larger rented space at Sanderson High School in 1990.  God blessed Crossroads with exponential growth and provided us a home of our own with the purchase of the Black and Decker Warehouse Building (our current Millbrook Campus facility.) It wasn't very pretty, and it didn't really look like a church, but it had lots of space! The first worship service at the Millbrook Campus was held in a cavernous empty warehouse in December 1996. Over the years, God has provided the resources to build out ministry space in phases. Thanks to God's provision and the generosity of our church family, we are blessed with the incredible building we have today.

Along the way, Crossroads has been led by several inspiring and beloved Senior Pastors. Our Senior Pastor Andy George has joyfully been serving as our Senior Pastor since 2016. 

Expanding the vision...

The Wake Forest Campus. There were so many people traveling from the northern part of Wake County, that we launched our first multi-site campus at Heritage High School in September 2010.  Several years later, God provided the opportunity for the Wake Forest Campus to move to its current and permanent location on Keith Store Road in Wake Forest.

Online Campus. Our Online Campus began to blossom under the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. What had once simply been a livestream of the Sunday sermon, grew into a full-fledged online community, complete with an Online Church pastor and a YouTube channel. People from around the globe now faithfully attend our online services.

The Deaf Community Fellowship (DCF) meets at the Millbrook Campus. The  mission of DCF is to bring God's Word to the Deaf in the Triangle in our heart language, ASL.

Where we are headed...

Crossroads Fellowship is so much more than buildings, budgets and programs. Crossroads is people! From the very beginning, our church has invested in people so that lives are transformed.

Since our vision is to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who want to transform the Triangle and the world, we will go wherever God leads us. Every aspect of our lives is centered on Jesus! As we go to work, school, serve in our community, go the grocery store, take the kids to soccer, etc...every moment is an opportunity to live for Jesus and to point others to Him.

God has sent people from every walk of life to Crossroads Fellowship and now YOU are vital part of our story too! Let's see where He takes us on the next part of this incredible journey together.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:15 and 11 am.
Millbrook Campus
Wake Forest Campus