As believers we need to be intentional about growing spiritually. It simply doesn't happen on its own. We have to desire to grow, and then put it into practice. Below is a range of growth resources available to you at Crossroads Fellowship to help you on your journey.

New Follower of Jesus?

Discipleship Assessment 

We've created a special 30-Day Devotional that will help guide you through your first days as a new believer or help strengthen your faith if you have just recommitted your life to the Lord. Tap the button below to download this special devotional.
We are excited to now offer you our newly developed discipleship assessment tool built to help you become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are both disciples and disciple-makers. Tap the button below to take the assessment.

REACH by Andy George

Do you want to share your faith, but you just don’t know how to do it? We've broken it down into 5 Essential Steps to help you reach the people in your life.

Words To Live By by Andy George

Your thoughts can hold you back, push you down, and feed you lies, but they can also lift you up! Is it time for you to change the way you are thinking? In Words to Live B (based on a sermon series of the same name), we look at how our thoughts affect our outlook while examining words and concepts from the Word of God that can shape our lives and align us with His purposes. 

Prayer: Most Important Conversations of Our Lives 
by Andy George

Prayers aren’t just empty words hurled at the sky. They are conversations—in fact, they’re the most important conversations in your life! You have the power to make an impact through prayer. Prayer changes everything.

Protect Your House - Men's Study

Just as you need to protect your home and family from intruders and the elements, you also need to protect your emotional and spiritual house from the pitfalls and dangers that can trip you up or damage your life. Take part in this 8-month study that uses the house as a guide to delve into what Biblical Manhood looks like in the main areas of our lives.

Oneness Embraced Resources

God’s heart for His Church is Oneness. Throughout the Bible, we witness God’s love and His desire for the unity of His people from every tribe, language, people, and nation. However, untruths, historical realities, and societal tension such as racial, ethnic, and political discord even in the church have further divided His people. We invite you to join us as we use a biblical lens to explore what oneness means, discuss the realities of a broken world and learn how Christians are called to think and live out unity as disciples of Christ in everyday ways. Fall of 2022, we will be using Dr. Tony Evan's “Oneness Embraced” series to guide our discussion."

We serve our fellowship and community through the following: 1. Education of biblical, historical and cultural insights about race, ethnicity and reconciliation. Our class, resources and Facebook page are all venues where you can learn. 2. Dialogue between members; safe but transparent dialogue that wrestles Biblical principles with practical and historical implication and applies them to our personal, family, church and national histories. 3. Healing/Transformation for individuals, families and churches along with extending into our community when possible.

Conversation Agreements

Oneness Resource Toolbox

Oneness Embraced Facilitators Guide

Oneness Embraced Participants Guide

Victory Resources

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Corinthians 15:57

There's no question that the past two years have been challenging. But God's Word has promised us that we can live triumphantly despite any circumstance. The Lord is calling us to claim 2022: The Year of VICTORY! As a believer, you should be living a victorious, joy-filled life in Christ - but how?

Explore what it means to find freedom in every area of life and how to triumph over the areas that hold you back from walking in the joy of the Lord. Where in your life do you need a victory? Tap on the buttons below for various Victory resources. (For more, check out

Growth Devotional

10-15 Minutes Each Day For 31 Days
Enjoy a variety of devotional topics compiled by our senior staff at Crossroads Fellowship. Meditate on Scripture and insightful commentary and apply it to your life as you reflect and respond to God's Word.

Go! Training

We invite you into a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus.  In this training manual, you will find familiar practices described and encouraged (the ways of Jesus). However,  you will also discover a fresh perspective with an understanding that there are no cookie-cutter people and that there are many ways people grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Ultimately spiritual growth comes only from the Spirit of God. It is our prayer that God’s Spirit gives us all a great ride!

Evangelism Course

Join Missions Pastor Doug Gamble as he provides training to better equip us to reach our community, our neighbors and the world.

Crossroads Fellowship Worship

Our team has always desired to write and sing songs that are representative of the season our church is in. New seasons give birth to new songs containing timeless truths that we declare over our lives.

RISE Live Album

In October 2018, our Church came together for a night of worship where we recorded some of the songs that have been written here at Crossroads Fellowship. These songs are meant to reflect what God is doing here locally in our church and advance the Gospel beyond our four walls. Our hope is that God will use these songs to speak to people who are searching for God, and that the truths proclaimed in them will be a blessing to people as they strive to walk with Jesus.

All Things New

Our team has worked hard to present you with this collection of 11 original, yet familiar, worship songs. We believe that worship recordings are not simply music to enjoy, but rather events to be experienced.

It is our desire to see people connect to God through music, and we hope that this project will help all of us do that. May our experiences with God continue to shape us so that together we can impact and change the world around us.

Right Now Media

At Crossroads Fellowship, everyone has a next step in their spiritual growth. Right Now Media offers you a variety of studies to help you grow in your spiritual journey inlcuding access to over 20,000 Biblically-based videos for small groups, families, students, leadership development and much more.

This resource is offered to you for free! Join Right Now Media by clicking the button below: