Small Groups

We weren't created to do life alone. Throughout God's word and His creation, we see His love for community. And at Crossroads we desire for you to experience God through life-giving relationships.

Our small groups consist of three or more people who gather in a home, workplace, restaurant, church or online — anywhere a group can gather. These groups engage in encouraging activities that help the members connect, grow, serve, pray and give together.

Small groups come in all shapes and sizes — singles, married couples, students, men, women — the list goes on. No matter where you are in life, there is a group for you, here are some examples: 

  • Home Groups – meet at a home, apartment, or local places to study the Word of God together, fellowship, serve, and grow community. Home groups are typically composed of 6 to 12 people.
  • Online Groups – meet virtually via Zoom, WebEx, Google Meets, etc. Online Groups allow people to meet remotely rather than in person. 
  • Passion Groups - are comprised of people with a similar passion or topic of interest. That passion could be related to fitness, a sport, a hobby, and more. Groups will get together to discuss and actively enjoy their passion in community with other believers. For more on passion groups, click HERE.
  • Serve Groups – are comprised of a few people that meet together to serve in our church, community, or overseas. 
  • Table Groups – meet together in one of our discipleship venues. Such groups meet during Sunday Morning Connect classes or Wednesday Night Life.