Tina Wade Osuna - Women of Hope, Guatemala

Longtime Crossroads member and founder of Women of Hope Center, Tina Osuna has served the Lord as a missionary in Guatemala since 2007. Before her arrival in the country, Tina helped develop Hope for Guatemala, an ongoing children’s ministry in Guatemala City. She also founded Hope for Atlanta in 2002, which brings educational and spiritual programs to a segment of Atlanta's Hispanic community.

While Tina found unique and powerful inspiration in each of these outreach programs, it was during her service at a Christian home for battered women that she discovered her calling. After witnessing the plight of many Guatemalan women, who suffer from poverty, lack of education and abuse, she knew that something had to change.

God used this cycle of despair to plant a vision in Tina to begin a Business for Transformation ministry for women of Guatemala, a place where local women could learn of the hope of Christ while building a better future for themselves and their children. Women of Hope Guatemala was born in February 2012 and continues to grow each year.

Women of Hope weaves the principles of business and discipleship together into the fabric of our Christian ministry in Guatemala. This 'Business for Transformation' project empowers impoverished and under-educated artisans through wholesome employment through beadwork, leatherwork and other artisan crafts and trades, allowing them to lead productive and accomplished lives.

Our center's loving and nurturing environment provides artisans with the opportunity to earn a dependable income. We encourage them in their daily life and help them provide for the basic needs of their families. Women of Hope also reaches out to the community through partnerships to provide fortified rice meals to school age children and business development projects for widows who are supporting a family.

Pray for wisdom and discernment as Tina and her husband Giovanni manage the daily ministry and plans for the future. She is asking the Lord to lead her as she interacts daily with the artisans, donors, volunteers, customers, staff and advisors/partners. Ask God to direct her steps and the strength/wisdom to do His will.
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