Our Vision

We exist to develop Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus who want to Transform the Triangle and the World.

Our Values

The Word of God
We believe in the power and authority of the Scriptures.

An Authentic Relationship with Jesus Christ
We believe that Salvation is found in no one else.

We are better together in ministries, groups and teams.
We honor God by honoring one another within Diversity.

We care about the details as we Serve the Body and Worship Together.

Our Uniqueness

Crossroads Fellowship is:
Committed to Community Partnerships

The 5 Behaviors of a Disciple

In your journey to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus, we want to help you grow in each of these five behaviors of a disciple:


We are meant to do life together! We believe finding the full life God intends for us happens when we build relationships with others. Groups provide a way for you to connect to other believers, deepen your relationships and find your place to belong. 


There are always new things to discover about your relationship with God. Whether you are a just beginning your walk with the Lord or if you've been a believer for many years, Crossroads is dedicated to helping you grow in your faith and learn more about our Heavenly Father.  


No matter how big, or how small the task, serving reaches people with the love of Christ.  Crossroads provides opportunities to serve others here in the local church,  through the online church, our community, and even abroad. When you meet the needs of others, you reflect God's love and grow toward becoming fully devoted in Christ .


We believe in the power of prayer and the God who hears and answers. Just as you get to know another person through conversations, you also grow closer to the Lord by spending time and talking with Him. 


One of the ways we show our love for God is through sacrificially giving our time, our talents, and our treasure. When we trust God with our finances, we believe He will meet our needs and use our generosity to impact others with the love of Christ and the message of Hope.

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